I am Light

 First came the words, spoken softly,
whispered into the motionless midnight air.
‘Now I am become death, destroyer of worlds.’

The words came first, and then came the light,
and then the quiet, ever so gentle breath
of fate.


 I am Air

Smoke rises to meet the silent heavens
and with it rise the tortured pleas
of children abandoned by their fathers.

Oceans boil and become one with the sky,
and in the grim unrelenting grey,
a thousand suns fade, flicker, and die.

The air is thick with ashes and with dust
and heavy with the groans of fallen cities.
Only shadows and phantoms remain
where men once stood.

Across the cold and empty ruins, a poisonous wind
hisses tales of angels thrown from grace,
and of gods reduced
to ghosts.


I am Earth 

Inch by inch and grain by grain,
the works of man are whittled by Time.
Waves once again swept the shores,
and where the earth was barren, now rivers flowed.
Vines twisted and curled round crumbling pillars of stone,
and moss grew to feed the hungry mouths of cracks.
Shoots burst forth from the soil and became forests,
and flowers blossomed and wept over the remains of men.
And when the waters from the first rain touched me
where I lay buried,
I finally closed my eyes, and finally
I prayed.