18 July 1991


My Dear Agent Benson,

The newspapers tell me that you aren’t getting anywhere with the murder of 8 year old Brian Hall so I have decided to help you. I saw him the day before yetserday, in the evening, coming out of a Safeway with a Dairymilk in his hand. He had a peice of bubblegum in his mouth and he was chewing it like a cow. I wanted to smash his little face with a rock right there but in a free country one should not do such things so I followed him in my car until he came to a playground and ate his chocolat. I went up to him and told him that his father had been in an acident and that he should come with me to the hospital. Kid got scared and started asking me what happened. I told him to get in the car. then I went and did his seatbelt for him and gave him 2 hard punches on the head and he was knoked out. Then I drove him to my house and tyed him up in the attic with his friends the rats. I went up to check on him at 8 and he was still unconsius so I poured water on him and he woke up. He said he was hungry so I fed him my socks and he couldn’t chew them so they remained in his mouth. I told him that I was going to kill him at 12 that night. His eyes became big and and he started crying like the baby that he was but he couldn’t scream because of the socks in his mouth and that was his fault, who told him not to eat them? He cried until 9:30 and i sat beside him with my gun and laughed because his cries made me want to dance. He fell asleep at 9:30 but I woke him up because I wanted to see him cry again. I did not allow him to sleep that night. At 12 I pointed my gun at the back of his head and executed him. Beutiful bllood came out his head like a river and made floor red. Some even leeked into the living room. I put him in a big plastic bag and drove him to the playground where he ate his chocolate and deposited him there. I went home and slept like a baby.

This is how I killed Brian Hall. Come and arest me or I will kill one little boy a day.



The Dispatcher.



 20 July 1991


Dear Mr. Dispatcher,

In your very well worded letter to me you forgot to mention that you had hung Brian Hall by the neck until he died before shooting him in the back of the head (What gun did you use, by the way?). But hey, there’s also the possibility that those rope marks were just tattoos, right? Everyone has tattoos these days.

There’s a reason why we don’t disclose each and every bit of information about a case to the public: to prevent wackos like you from turning themselves in for every murder that occurs out there. Also, read a dictionary from time to time. I’ll start you off by teaching you how to spell the words you spelt wrong in your letter.









Bllood- BLOOD

Leeked- LEAKED


Thank you for taking the time to write such an enjoyable letter (I get a lot of letters like this, but this was the best), and keep your deranged mind where it belongs. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to finish this bottle of scotch.

 Agent G. Benson

 P.S: Thank you for writing down your address on the envelope. Now I know where to find you if I ever need a lunatic.



 23 July 1991

The Observer

 Dear Agent Benson,

We are required by the law to tell you that at 8:30 AM this morning we received an envelope from No. 21, Goldberg St. containing xerox copies of two letters: one by a person who calls himself “The Dispatcher”, claiming to have killed Brian Hall; and another, by you, disputing that claim. I will fax you copies of both letters for your reference. There was also another letter asking us to publish the contents of both letters in our newspaper.

We have noticed that in your letter, you mentioned something about the boy being hanged to death before being shot. We are going to publish both letters in the evening edition of today’s ‘Observer’ and would like you to fax us a signed statement confirming that you wrote the aforementioned letter and answering the following questions:


  1. Do you attest to the truth of what is written in the letter? If you do, could justify why it had to be kept secret and why you felt the need to reveal it to ‘The Dispatcher’?
  2. If it isn’t true, why hasn’t ‘The Dispatcher’ been arrested yet?
  3. Is this the only piece of information that has been kept secret about this case?
  4. How much progress has been made in solving the case?

 Thanks in advance,

Laura S. Fitzgerald.

 P.S: In order to avoid ‘problems’ between the FBI and ourselves, we would also like a signed affidavit from you stating that we have followed the law in giving you information that we have gained about your case. Non-receipt of this affidavit, however, will not prevent us from publishing the contents of that envelope. Please remember, before filing a court order, that while we are not allowed to disclose classified information about an ongoing case, we are permitted to publish articles of private correspondence with the permission of one, or both parties between whom it was communicated.

 P.P.S: Perhaps you should get yourself a new secretary. One that actually forwards your telephone calls to you.